Emotional Creatures

Communication can improve, and further progress can be made, when we remember that we are emotional creatures.

When we accept that we have so much to learn, and often make decisions based on evolution and with limited information.

When we take a little extra time to better understand others views.

Here’s a few simple phrases that have helped me better communicate with others about urgent and emotional topics, or to better connect with someone that has a different opinion/experience than I do.

“In my experience (fill in the blank). What experiences have you had on this, and what lessons have you learned from them?”

“In my opinion (fill in the blank). That’s based on my beliefs and experience. What are your personal beliefs on the matter?”

“From what I’ve read (fill in the blank). Have you read or experienced anything differently?”

“In my limited experience with this, I believe (fill in the blank). What has your experience been?”

“I have very limited experience in this area. I’m looking to learn more. What experiences have you had that led to this conclusion?”

“I have yet to research this deeply. My feeling at the moment is (fill in the blank). What resources have helped you to learn more about this topic?”

Go forth and be awesome! 😎


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