Silence, Presence, Stillness, and Boredom

To be truly present in something, we have to remove distraction.

Outward and inward.

Inward distraction requires us to have processed whatever thoughts and emotions we had/have, and find ourselves at peace for a moment, so that we can be present in this moment.

To process thoughts efficiently, it’s best to have stillness, silence, or in the least remove as much outward distraction as possible so we can draw our attention inward.

In this modern world, we often fill those common moments with outward distraction intentionally.

We play the radio when we drive, we watch television when we have the chance to sit and relax, and we take our phones almost everywhere including simple tasks like taking a walk.

All of these moments throughout the day, are moments for our brains to process.

To distill thoughts, sensations, and emotions in an effort to find some semblance of peace.

To be able to rest, so that it can be more focused and more present.

To have inward silence can be work, and we avoid that work, that silence, quite proactively by seeking any distraction we can.

We label those moments of silence and stillness as boring, or wasteful.

In turn, the vast majority of us are constantly dealing with a brain full of unprocessed thoughts, emotions, and sensations that clouds our ability to focus on the things we really want, and that truly matter.

We trade short bursts of dopamine now, for true joy and peace later.

Meditation, walks, breathing sessions… These are not magic.

This is simply the power of allowing ourselves to embrace the stillness and silence, to let the brain process so we can move forward in our lives at our fullest potential.

Ask yourself, how often do you avoid the silence and stillness, and justify it by “staying busy.”

Go forth and be awesome 😎


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