ASR/RAK Defense Part 1: Don’t Get Shot, Don’t Get Stabbed!

One of the big elements of our Responding to an Active Killer Seminars, is physically training to deal with an armed attacker. Now, before everyone starts their inevitable criticism let’s clarify that at this point in the training, we have already spent hours working on evasion, concealment, cover, barricading, medical care, and the psychological elements that go into decision making under stress.

The “assumption” is that the individual found themselves in a scenario/position that fighting made the most sense to them.

All that said, we are not a fan of teaching standard “weapons disarms” that you might see in most self defense or martial arts systems. Not only is it highly unlikely that the attendees are going to take the time they need to train and master those techniques, BUT in the true chaos of these events, these techniques don’t fully apply.

Instead, we prefer to teach concepts that they can build on from their own experiences and backgrounds. One thing EVERYONE can relate to is the basic idea of not getting shot and not getting stabbed. We know the dangerous part of a gun and we know the dangerous part of a knife. Let’s start there.

This is the very first concept we introduce to our seminars for several reasons:

1)They can easily understand and relate to the concept.

2) It is simple and doesn’t involve deep explanation.

3) It applies to all situations regardless of attackers size or ability level, the angle of attack, the environment, etc etc etc…

4) We can get the attendees immediately moving, at a relatively intense pace, safely, in which they are actually applying the concepts in “almost real time”

The following videos will lay out the series of layers we add to this drill to attempt to give a complete view of a chaotic fight over a weapon and the concepts we can train and variables WE can control to improve our ability to survive.