Overnight Success

In most cases, the reality is that, we simply weren’t aware of all the years of work, growth, failure, adjustment, struggle, and evolution leading up to the moment they caught traction.


Communication can improve, and further progress can be made, when we remember that we are emotional creatures.

When we accept that we have so much to learn, and often make decisions based on evolution and with limited information.

When we take a little extra time to better understand others views.


When we embrace the complexity of humans, we give ourselves permission to be present and open, instead of trying to put singular labels on ourselves, our emotions, and others we encounter.

Focus is Fuel

When we keep the majority of our focus and energy in one area, we make progress.

If we keep that energy there for a significant amount of time, we can start to gain tons of momentum, and really solidify things.

This reigns true in life, in training, and in coaching.