Train w/ Us

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Endeavor Defense and Fitness is my home base here in Central Ohio.

Our facility holds daily class in Self Defense, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Fight Conditioning, Fitness, and Yoga.

For more on these programs to sign up for an intro class visit our WEBSITE HERE. 


Interested in hosting a seminar?!

I have been traveling the US teaching seminars on self defense and strength & conditioning. If you’re interested in hosting a seminar, reach out to me HERE, and we can discuss options.

Here are a list of seminars my staff and I currently run:

  • Active Shooter/Killer Response (Civilian)
  • Active Shooter/Killer Response (Business/Organization)
  • Fundamental Self Defense for the Everyday Citizen
  • Immediately Casualty Care (Civilian Trauma Care)
  • Practical Application of Dirty Boxing and Standup Wrestling
  • Fundamentals of Concealed Carry¬†
  • Combat Focus Shooting