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How to Survive an Active Killer

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Incidents of mass violence are not new and are unfortunately not rare, yet our avoidance of these realities is quite common. If we don’t acknowledge this truth about the violence present in society today, how can we be prepared to face it? This book takes a true look at what your options are for dealing with an active shooter event. Across the United States, businesses, schools, and communities may provide a video to watch or brief presentation to attend on dealing with active killers, often with the message of “run, hide, fight,” but the training generally stops there. What happens when we need to utilize the principles presented? These conversations don’t bring us closer to surviving active shooter events, and ignoring the reality of violence doesn’t keep us safe. This book endeavors to instruct you on all aspects of responding to an active shooter situation. You’ll learn about planning, evading, and finding a secure place to barricade or cover, along with unarmed fighting, considerations for using a defensive weapon, how to give life-saving medical care, how to interact with law enforcement, how to cope with the aftermath, and where to begin your training. It’s a guide to preparing yourself and those you care about for these events, but it’s only the first step. What you do with the information is up to you. Your safety is your responsibility!

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With Contributions from Ryan Hoover, Alessandro Padovani, Rob Pincus, Jon Grabo, and Tony Blauer!


In the book we discuss a lot of tools that can be purchased to help save lives. I have a page with a list of training tools, medical supplies, and books that we reccommend. Take a look and start taking action today!

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An ankle kit is a fantastic edition to your everyday carry. Try the SFD Responder:


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