I had the honor of being interviewed yesterday for a documentary on training in regards to active shooter events. During this interview, one of the questions they asked was something along the lines of…

“In your opinion what is the thing that needs to change the tide of these type of events?”

For me, that’s simple. It comes down to everyone taking responsibility for themselves.

I said simple… Not easy. There’s a difference. 

Take responsibility for your safety and your physical health. Learn how to give medical care. Learn how to fight. Fire a gun. Stop eating poorly. Be active. 

Take responsibility for your mental and emotional health. Make time for yourself. Fill your cup. Play. Enjoy life. Find a person you trust to talk to. Express your needs. Be aware of others needs. 

Take responsibility for your community. Smile. Offer help to others. Connect with others. Be a positive part of your neighborhood, city, work, family. Report suspicious activity.

Take responsibility for what happens to you. Life can seem unfair, but we are in control of how we respond to everything that happens to us. Even down to being attacked. It is not your fault. You are responsible for what you do with the situation you are in. 

If we continue to push responsibility off on others, avoid the tough situations and conversations, turn our eyes away from the realities of life, and imagine we are owed something we will continue to feed the fear, frustration, anger, and sadness clouding events like these… and life in general.

As simple as it is, I know it is a tall order.

Yet, I hope this article strikes a chord with a few out there. 

It is possible. It starts with you and you alone. 

Be good, train hard, stay safe


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