Celebrate Your Wins

The key to progress is consistency.

If we create a habit of consistently showing up for ourselves, we are more likely to make the big changes, hit the big goals, do the big things.

As humans we want to see progress.

Tangible things that we prove to us that we’re doing the right work and getting where we want to go.

As humans, it’s easy to lose sight of our progress.

Deep down we know that if we train consistently we’ll lose the weight, win the medal, gain the confidence.

Yet, we often stumble along the way because we want to feel the satisfaction ‘now’.

We see others successes and wonder why we aren’t seeing the same results.

So here’s a pro tip.

Start celebrating your wins.

All of them. Even the little ones.

“I showed up and trained hard today.”

“Mark told me I was there best thing that ever happened to him.”

“I entered into that presentation and stayed calm and collective.”

“I focused on better head movement in sparring today and felt improvement.”

The more you make it a point to celebrate, the more wins you’ll see.

The more wins you see, the more motivated you stay.

You’re super charging your own life.

So take 5 minutes each day and write out your wins.

Say them out loud and add a “Fuck yes I did” at the end.

Go forth and be awesome!

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