I’m Alive

“I’m dead….”

We hear this often in training. 

A student has a training knife slip, or a gun point at them, etc…

Their mind goes straight to the worst case scenario. 

When I hear this in training, I stop the room and remind them of a simple truth.

If you can say the words or think the thought “I’m dead” then you are in fact NOT DEAD.

If you were dead, you would not be able to think the thought “I’m dead.”

So what’s the direct translation if “I’m dead”?

“I’m alive”

I’m alive! 


Yell it with a warrior yell and your best crazy eyes and continue to do everything in your power to stay that way, until you succeed or the last breath leaves you.

One word completely changes the story.

In this case, one word, can be the difference between life and death. 

Between the decisions you make in the moments that matter most.

We’re in control of our response to everything that happens in life.

Starting with language is a great, tangible, actionable place to take control.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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