Affirmative Coaching

When coaching, it’s very easy to point out what we don’t want people to do.

I see this especially in self defense.

Time and attention are limited.

Keeping that in mind, it is powerful to make sure the information they are processing is focused on the actions and concepts we want them to do.


“Don’t drop your hands.”

Keep your hands up


“Don’t bow down when you shoot for the take down.”

Hips in, head and chest up, as you shoot for the takedown.


“Stop tensing up, and holding your breath.”

Relax, and focus on your breathing.


“Don’t close your eyes when they punch at you.”

Keep your eyes open as they’re striking and use your defense.


“We aren’t going crazy in this drill.”

We’re going smooth and steady in this drill.


There are certainly cases where emphasizing the negative is important.

In most cases, by focusing on the things we want them to do, we get them to where we want to go faster.

Try to go one week of coaching, using only affirmative Coaching 😁

It can be super impactful

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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