Negativity Attracts Negativity

When we engage in negative talk, to ourselves or about others, we bring negativity into our lives.

In the case of negative self talk, we convince ourselves of the negative, so we make decisions in line with that, and create our own negative future.

We write the story.

This is often more simple to wrap our head around, than the idea of speaking negative of others.

When we put down others, we often do more to make ourselves miserable, than those we’re attempting to judge.

The fact that we feel the need to make the comment, means that we’ve allowed them to take space in ourselves mentally and emotionally.

The second we allow others to impact our thoughts and emotions unchecked, begins a slippery slope of giving up control.

There’s a difference between being able to articulate a difference of opinion, and emotionally attacking the individual themselves.

Secondly, when we make those judgements outwardly, we tend to collect praise from others that carry their own negativity.

When we continue to pursue this path, we begin to surround ourselves with negative people, and that influence continues to breed negativity.

People that come together to celebrate the judgement of others, are often the same kind of people that will show up to celebrate the judgement of us, whenever we “fall out of favor.”

Engaging in emotional criticism and judgment is easy because it attracts others, and in the short term, that feels good.

In the long term, it eats you up from the inside.

When you disagree with the beliefs or actions of others, engage them in conversation.

Elevate your argument instead of raising your voice.

If you’re not interested enough in a genuine positive outcome, then simply ignore it and focus on things that actually make an impact in your own future and progress.

People that can regulate their engagement, live more joyful lives.

They have more control over themselves, their actions, and their futures.

That’s a great place to be.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎


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