See It Through Their Eyes

See It Through Their Eyes

I was cruising down the road, slightly late for a seminar. As I looked up ahead I noticed a cop car and before I could slow down, the lights went on and the cop pulled the U-turn. It was a basic two lane road so I put on my flashers and pulled into the next driveway and into a parking lot.

I had my carry weapon on me, so as a responsible gun owner, I did my due diligence to not create any issue for the officer.

I rolled the windows down so I wouldn’t have to move my hands at first when they got there.

I turned off the radio so we could clearly communicate.

I placed both hands on the steering wheel so they could clearly see them.

As the officer approached my vehicle I noticed they were a bit more timid than normal. The officer came up to my passenger side window, hand at hip and peeked through the window, while essentially using the frame of the door as cover.

Interesting, but I work with quite a few cops and I understand that basic traffic stops can turn deadly really fast, so I shrug it off.

Again, attempting to be as clear as possible, I simply said “Officer I just want you to know I am a conceal carry holder and I do have my weapon on me.”

They asked where it was and I informed them using my words and eyes, not my hands.

The officer then asked “Can I ask why you decided to pull into an empty parking lot with almost zero visibility to the public?”

I was surprised and at that moment looked around and realized they were right. I was pulling off the road as not to impede traffic, but hadn’t noticed I literally pulled into an empty parking lot, completely surrounded by trees, no visibility to the public and not a single person around.


The extremely timid approach made much more sense now.

Of course I didn’t intend to do that, but I’ll tell you what, it would’ve been a great location if I did in fact have malicious intent.

Early today I posted about two officers that were ambushed and killed in Iowa. That’s one of several similar stories in recent history. Those stories weigh on the minds of concerned officers.

If I did intend to harm that officer, I had put myself in a great position to do that and I would have had the drop on them.

You can’t quite understand everyone’s actions unless you put yourself in their shoes.

“I honestly didn’t even realize. I was trying not to block traffic out there since it’s a two-lane road, but I completely understand where you’re coming from.” I said.

The officer understood and was very grateful that I was being so open and clear with communication… and honest about the fact that I was doing 52 in a 35.

After issuing the ticket, they thanked me again for being understanding and we went on our ways.

Moral of the story… Be open and clear in communication and you will avoid most unnecessary misunderstandings. It’ll save you a lot of trouble.

One love,


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