Consistency is Key

No matter what you do or are trying to achieve, consistency is really the source of success.

It’s not about doing huge things as much as it’s about constantly chipping away and moving towards a goal.

Want to get in shape? You must consistently eat the right way and train. Eating poorly and then crash dieting, or fasting isn’t going to get you where you want to be. Consistently working on your weaknesses a little at a time and training is key.

Want to build trust? Consistently showing up, doing the right thing, and being reliable is the only way. One slip up may not kill you, but another here and another there makes it harder and harder to earn that faith.

Want to be the greatest lifter or fighter or athlete? You must constantly show up and look to improve the 1% everyday.

Want to buy a nice car or house or go on a vacation? Saving $1-$5 everyday is a better bet than hoping you’ll get a huge promotion, or catch a big break, or money will fall from the sky.

Want a promotion? Want a good relationship? Want to build a following? Want to be a good parent? Want to come back from an injury? Want to get a masters or doctorate? Want to be a better version of you?

It’s not about a few BIG changes or moves… it’s about the dedicated and constant little improvements.

The Grand Canyon wasn’t made overnight.

Be consistent.


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