Focus + Belief + Work

Focus, belief, and work are a team.

Remove one, and progress slows or stalls.

Focus makes use of our time more efficient.

If we lack focus, we may work hard and believe in our future, yet sirens our time and energy in areas that don’t move the needle

Belief keeps us driven and committed to the long game.

If we lack belief, our work and focus will be shunted by the fact that we aren’t quite sure this will even work, or that were capable of something more.

Work is what actually moves the needle forward and changes us.

If we lack work, we can believe in our future an we want and focus on what we should do, and we’ll sit right there falsely believing we deserve more when we haven’t taken the steps to get there.

Figure out what you want, where your want to be, or who you want to be.

Focus on what is most important to get there.

Believe you’re worth it and capable of it.

Put that focus and belief to work by training, educating, sharing, failing, evolving, and moving forward.

Go forth and be awesome! 😎

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