Don’t Cut Off Your Own Legs


*photo courtesy of flashfit photography, taken at 2016 validus games

Don’t Cut Off Your Own Legs (originally written 8/15/2016)

If I took you outside right now and told you to run 200m as fast as you can, with no warm up, how well would you do?

Be honest… truly honest…

Now… you’re at the mall and all of a sudden someone starts shooting. How fast could you make it to an exit? How fast could you make it to your children or wife or husband to get them to safety?

You’re out running errands, you run into the store real quick and your wife or husband or child waits in the car. As you’re coming out you notice across the parking lot someone trying to drag your loved one from the car into a van. How fast could you cover the distance to get to them?

Here’s the deal… outside of a legitimate physical handicap there is no reason that every single human being doesn’t have the basic ability to move at a relatively high level. No reason.

If you’re out of shape, eat like shit, can’t move or don’t know how to fight, you are actually limiting your ability to protect your loved ones… whether you want to admit it or not.

If you talk to the majority of fathers in this world and mention someone harming or mistreating their daughter, you’d most likely hear something along the lines of “I’d beat the hell out of that person.” Yet they’re sitting 30lbs over weight and run out of air climbing a few flights of stairs… sure adrenaline can help you to do unbelievable things, but if you think you’re going to magically become the protector just because, then you’re going to be in for a world of hurt.

Look, you’re health is your choice. No one is here to force you to be active or skip the donut.

I will however say this… for a fact, the ability to lift things, move well, run moderately fast and throw a punch matters when it comes to protecting your loved ones.

If you don’t find time to practice that, then you’re letting yourself and your loved ones down.

So maybe skip the 6-pack of bud diesel this week and hit a heavy bag for 10 minutes… your families life just may depend on it.

Be good, stay safe, train hard



2 thoughts on “Don’t Cut Off Your Own Legs

  1. Aaron, history will one day show you are a man before your time. What you say now seems cutting edge, and it is. But one day it will be common place to talk and even train like that.
    Thanks for being a “voice crying in the wilderness.”


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