Schedule Prep Time

Preparation is often the difference between good, great, and incredible.

For many years, I would fly by the seat of my pants.

Walk into a class or seminar with very little idea of exactly what I would teach that day.

I knew it would be good. I knew I would make an impact.

I’ve spent years training, learning, evolving as a teacher, so I can walk into any session with little preparation and put on a hell of a show.

And even with that ability, the fact will remain: Had I spent that extra time preparing, it would have been even better…even more impactful.

Charisma, knowledge, and confidence can get us very far.

Preparation will get us even further.

If you spend enough time mastering your art, you can walk into almost any situation and perform.

And that’s a valuable skill.

A skill that can, and in my opinion should be, developed for when it is needed.

If you want to step out above the rest, prepare.

Each Sunday, I set my planner for the week and write out a general outline for the classes I will teach.

I can focus my attention AND leave room for adaptation and spontaneity.

Want to elevate your game? Spend one hour a week preparing for the week ahead.

It’s a simple and powerful tool.

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