Actions Lead

Actions Lead Better Than Words

When it comes to leadership, the actions we take will make a deeper impact on others than the words we speak.

Much like parenting, modeling behavior is necessary for lessons to genuinely set in.

If our actions are out of alignment with what we expect from those that we are responsible for, then it is foolish to expect the outcome we desire.

If we want people to work hard, we must show them that we work hard.

If we want people to invest time and money in their growth, it’s best to show that we do the same.

If we want them to communicate better, it’s up to us to lead by improving communication.

If we want others to learn to set and defend boundaries, we must show them what that looks like.

No amount of words can drown out the impact of our actions.

If we want things to change, improve, evolve, or even maintain, it’s best to start with ourselves and the actions we take.

If we’re not willing to do what we say, then why would others?

More often than not, the problems in our lives start in the mirror.

The beautiful part is that the answer to those problems can be found there as well.

Go forth and be awesome!  😎


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