You Ain’t Shit (Part 2)

photo: this image was taken february of 2009 at my old gym. since this photo, I have spent hundreds of hours mopping floors, cleaning toilets, and doing other shit to get myself to where I am today.

“That’s not my job.”

This is the biggest thorn in the side of progress ever. All too often people will drop this one. It’s annoying when workers say this surely, but it is MIND BLOWING when a business owner has the nerve to say it.

Let’s get something straight. The second you signed up to be a business owner, EVERYTHING became your responsibility.

An instructor doesn’t show up for class? Your problem.

Shipment missed? Your problem.

Customer unhappy? Your problem.

Bathrooms need cleaned? Your problem.

Someone broke in and stole shit? Your problem

IT issues? Your problem

You get the picture…

There is no job that you are above. No job too small for your attention. If you want things done, you get them done. If they effect you in anyway, they should be on your radar. YES you should delegate these tasks to the right people whenever possible. No, you shouldn’t bog yourself down with every minuscule duty. BUT you are still responsible for that task. If the people you delegate fall through or come up short, it’s on you and you alone, no one else.

I have had the pleasure of traveling around the US and to several countries, training and teaching. And when I come home, I scrub the gym toilets. Because it needs done and I don’t mind one fucking bit making sure the gym stays clean for the people that have blessed me with the ability to take those trips. I owe SO MUCH to the members and staff of my gym, for where I am today and what I am able to do. The least I can do is make sure they have a clean facility to come to.

Yes I have the choice to delegate that task to others if it makes sense. But at the end of the day, it’s my responsibility to get that done, by any means necessary and I am not below cleaning shit… literally

And just because I am speaking to “owners” right now, doesn’t mean this only applies to them. If you’re not happy with the way something is getting done, then do it yourself. Take control of what effects you.

If you’ve never read Extreme Ownership by Jocko and Leif, then go get that shit.

Come off your high horse, trust me, you ain’t shit. I don’t care how much money you make, how long you have been in your industry, and who you know. You’re responsible for everything in your life.

Act accordingly!

Be good, train hard, one love


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